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  Silicon carbide plate  

   The silicon carbide plate can be installed in tunnel kiln,shuttle kiln and roller hearth kiln to fire the sanitary ware ,building ceramic, domestic ceramic and electric ceramic under 1400℃.

Silicon carbide plate is normally used together with the SIC support posts and has the features of stable structure, high strength, no deformation, no crack and long service life (repeat use: 200times) when it works under high temperature. At the same time this SIC kiln furniture can also help you save over 30% energy because this material has large thermal conductivity and excellent heat transfer efficiency.

LengthxWidth (mm) LengthxWidth (mm) LengthxWidth (mm) LengthxWidth (mm) LengthxWidth (mm)
765x730 600x550 520x490 460x440 400x380
760x550 600x520 520x400 460x350 400x350
760x520 600x500 500x500 460x320 400x300
760x500 600x400 500x480 450x450 400x250
740x520 600x370 500x450 450x430 380x380
732x445 600x300 500x400 450x420 365x365
720x630 570x500 500x390 450x400 350x350
700x700 560x270 500x370 450x380 350x300
700x550 550x550 500x300 450x350 340x340
700x520 550x520 490x470 450x340 340x320
700x500 550x500 480x480 450x300 340x310
700x450 550x480 480x420 440x440 330x330
700x400 550x450 480x400 430x420 320x320
660x600 550x430 480x380 430x340 310x310
650x400 550x400 480x360 420x300 300x300
640x600 550x370 480x330 420x400 290x290
640x500 550x300 480x280 420x380 250x250
610x610 530x530 470x360 420x340 240x240
600x600 520x500 470x340 400x400 150x150
Thickness: 8-25mm
The above sizes are part of our common sizes, we could produce other more sizes according to customers’ requirement.

Main Technical Data:
Item Unit  Result
Bulk density g/cm3 2.75-2.85
Open porosity % <14
Compressive strength Mpa >90
Modulus of rupture Mpa >45(20℃)
Mpa >56(1300℃)
Coefficient of thermal expansion K-1 * 10-6 4.8
Refractoriness under load >1700
Working temperature 1400
Thermal conductivity(at 1200℃) W/m·k 14
SIC % ≥88
SIO2 % <6
Al2O3 % <2
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